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WHITSIDE-6 Generations

Those of us who are Whitsides (not Whitesides without an e in the middle) are a separate small clan of the larger Whytsyd/Whiteside clan. This is the genealogy of Immigrant William Whitside (1809-1856) who came from Northern Ireland to Simcoe, Ontario in 1831.


Besides the 6 generations of my Whitside family, I have put on line the family businesses from Sovereen Mitt Glove & Robe Co in Delhi to Ranpro in Simcoe.


This is the biography of my brother Bill's WW 2 Air Force experience flying Kittihawk fighters in the desert and Spitfires in Italy. "I Want To Be A Fighter Pilot."



Ancestors of Barbara (Vanevera) Whitside's family with a interesting connection to Simcoe, Alabama where her ancestor traveled from Norfolk County to spread Christianity to the local people.


Donald George Cameron (1790-1842) came from Banffshire Scotland in 1835 to the Blenheim area of Kent County, Ontario. Bruce Whitside married Catharine Cameron. Donald Cameron's wife was Jane Anne Stuart.


The Gustin family of Vittoria, Norfolk County founded the local mill and were directly connected to our Sovereen branch of the family. Elizabeth Mary (Betsy) Gustin (1818-1840) married Jacob Sovereen founder of the families business and grandparent.


The Heath family was from Wiltshire, Essex, England, New York state and Delhi, Ontario. Mortimer Heath (1828-1911 was a prominent farmer and magistrate in Delhi. Wilbur Whitside married Mary Elizabeth Heath, daughter of Mortimer Heath and granddaughter of Jacob Sovereen


A well known family name in Norfolk County. Peter Lefler (1786-1871) married Catherine Sovereen which makes a relation ship between the Whitside and Leflers. Robert Whitside's (webmaster) daughter married Mark Lefler and brought this family into our orbit. Robin and Mark are three times, sixth cousins through the Sovereen connection.


Francis Smythson was born in Norfolk, England circa 1664. Descendant came to Etobicoke and Jarvis, Ontario. Barbara (Vanevera) Whitside mother's family.


A very large genealogy from the founder of Delhi, Frederick Sovereen through Jacob Sovereen the founder of the family businesses.Jacob Sovereen had two daughters and the business past from his granddaughter Mary (Heath) Whitside to the Whitside family.


Frederick VanIveren was born (c1600) in Evering Holland. His descendants came to New York state and as loyalist came to the St. George area in Ontario. The surname became VanEvery and was changed much later to Vanevera. Robert Whitside (Webmaster-genealogist) married Barbara J. Vanevera. This is the genealogy of her family back to Zealand Holland and there move to the USA and settlement in Brant County, Ontario.


A continuation of the Cameron family connection. Catharine Ann Shaw (1839-married Richard WilleyWilly (1826-c1870). Catharine (Cameron) Whitside's mother was Esther (Hester) who married William Cameron. The Shaw family were from Lincolnshire, England


At the end of 2003, with the encouragement of the Whiteside Family Association, under the Whiteside DNA Project, I had my DNA analyzed by Family Tree DNA. This company pioneered the use of DNA in the field of genealogy, providing a new way to break through the barriers in Family History.The results of my test showed that with 111 markers we matched a core group of Whiteside/Whitsitt genealogist who have already had their DNA analyzed.

Spelling of our name

We all appear to have had the spelling "Whytsyd" beginning about the 13th century. Before that it was QUYTSYD during the Roman era in Great Britain, 0-400 AD. There was not an i or e in the english language before the 13 th century.

Whitsides and Whitesides

Chris Whitside is currently the webmaster of this site. I am also a member of the Whiteside Family Association, which is an invaluable resource for genealogists at whitesideancestry.org. Whitesides and variations of that name are our cousins. There are Whitsides listed in the manuscripts viewable by members. We are Family #0701.

History of the family name. At the present time it appears that the Whytsyd/Whitside/Whitesides, Whitsetts, Whitsitts came from the old area of Strathclyde that stretched from Southern Scotland down into England to the Lancashire district. Our family of Whitsides later came from Northern Ireland in 1843 after previous migration from England. One of the five Whiteside to which we are closely related by DNA is from west Sligo and was believed to be an English migrant. Of course there are many Whiteside/Whitside/Whitsitt families in the northern England area of Lancashire. I have not been able to make a connection and sincerely hope that any UK Whitside viewing this would contact me.